Hello, I’m Raji Ayinla–former technical content writer at a web development company. I’m a hobbyist coder and serial writer. I designed this website and wrote these articles to teach others how to code this mystical language called JavaScript. When I was first learning to code, I was frustrated by the lack of practical articles. The articles that did go in depth usually were too advanced, and the ones that took their time felt shallow. I always wanted to have everything I needed on one website. I wanted articles that were well explained, ones that used good analogies to allow me to visualize the concepts.

I believe this website would’ve helped “past” me. As a Dev Bootcamp graduate who has a degree in English Literature, I believe that I can communicate tough ideas in a way that everyone can understand–be they novice or experienced. Feel free to ask for help, because your voice will only improve this website as it continues to grow. Thanks for reading.

Happy coding,

Raji Ayinla.